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Photo of Holly


I'm Holly and while I was working on my degree in Finance, I decided that restaurant management was where I felt my real passion resided. My main focus was to find a company whose concept and principles were ones I could proudly stand behind. After seeing that Osteria Procaccini was expanding to the Jersey Shore, I joined the opening team and am the Team Leader of their newest location in Ocean Grove! This restaurant is exactly what this charming community needed, and I found employers that valued me. What stands out to me is the transparency of what goes into the making of their product that fuels this business. Tino and his crew firmly believe in providing quality ingredients in all their dishes and using both natural and sustainable ingredients, all while ensuring guests and employees know the origins. Genuinely, I can say not only did I find an amazing career, but rather a family, and I think that everyone that steps through the doors of these restaurants will feel that same warmth!