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Photo of Estefania



My name is Estefania but many know me as Steph or Bori. Bori is a term of endearment that my OP family has given to me derived from my Puerto Rican heritage. I have been at OPK since opening day and have grown in many ways. When I began my journey here I was a server while finishing my degree at Rutgers. After I graduated I was promoted to head team leader to like we all like to say “the best location”. Last year I was given the honor of creating a pie of preference to add on the menu and name after myself, Bori. What I love most about Osteria is that the turnover rate of the staff is slim to none which has made every single one of them family. I look forward to all the many memories I will continue to make at OPK not only with the staff but with our customers that have become family to all of us!