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3rd Party Delivery Companies

For the record, TINO'S DOES NOT OFFER IN HOUSE DELIVERY. Please take into consideration that if you choose to use a 3rd party service to deliver our deliciousness to you, we can not guarantee delivery times & therefore the quality when it arrives.

What type of oven do you use?

Our ovens are imported straight from Modena, Italy; all 2,000lbs. of it. They are gas fired so we can maintain the highest level of consistency when cooking each pie. The oven runs at an average of 800 degrees so your pie only takes 90 seconds to cook. Fun fact depending on how busy we are & how many toppings you add; it takes us longer to prep your pie than to bake it! However, it's still super-fast!

Is your concept all natural and/or organic?

Why yes it is!! We are 100% all natural!! All of our fruits & veggies are organic along with a couple of other organic ingredients. We do not carry anything with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats, no artificial colors, flavorings, or sweeteners.  Our meats have NO sodium nitrates, nitrites, antibiotic free, & locally sourced. 

How would you describe your pizza?

The way we describe our pizza is a cross between Neapolitan & Roman style. Neapolitan being our ovens bake at an average of 800 degrees & Roman due to its thin crust. It is not your typical thick crusted rim with very little toppings. We make sure to give what you pay for!

What is the difference between your Tino’s margherita & your DOC margherita?

The only difference is the cheese. The Tino’s is made with fresh mozzarella from cow’s milk & the DOC is made with fresh mozzarella from Buffalo’s milk. The Tino is our most traditional & kid’s favorite, however if you like a little zing on tradition The DOC will fulfill this craving. Either way you will not be disappointed!

What is EVOO?

Evoo just means extra virgin olive oil! It should be used just as much as your omg’s & your lol’s! Extra virgin means the very first press of the harvested olives from the hills of beautiful Italy. Our EVOO is organic!!

Is your pizza flour clean?

Well of course our flour is clean! We don’t use any dirt remember! Although we do not use 00 flour typically found in Neapolitan pizzerias. Our flour is domestically milled, unbleached, & unbromated.

What pizza crust options do you have?

Our most popular is our regular white 12" crust but we also offer a 12" GF caulifower, 12" whole wheat, 11" GF, & a 8" Sicilian crust.

Speaking of GF, do you have other GF options & is it safe for celiac sufferers?

Unfortunately, if you suffer from celiac we are not a certified GF kitchen. We offer a gluten-free crust option, however, since we have other wheat-based products, there is a risk of cross-contamination using the same oven. We have apps & salad options as well, however once again there is wheat based products used all around the kitchen.

Are your cheeses pasteurized?

Yes, all of our cheeses are pasteurized. So for those ladies expecting, have no fear you can still enjoy our delicious product.

Do you use any peanut products?

We do not use any peanuts or peanut oils. However, we do use hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, & pine nuts.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately we do not personally, however you can use our 3rd party delivery services. 

Frankly, Tino's pies taste best right out of the oven. Feel free to either come in & order, order online thru our website or call one of our locations directly! We do our very best to calculate our takeout orders so our
guests are ensured the highest quality product with the least amount of waiting. We even use a special liner for our thin crust pies to absorb any moisture trapped in the box.

What’s the best way to reheat Tino’s pizza?

Please, please, please do not use a microwave for quality assurance purposes. The best options are preheat your oven to 550-degrees. Put your pizza on a sheet pan or a pizza stone and place in the oven for 2-3 minutes. Another option is heat up a nonstick pan & slide your pie right into the pan until you hear some crackling! You can also ask for your pies to be lightly cooked if you’re not going to eat them right away & finish them off at home!

Do you have vegan options?

Vegans and vegetarians both have great options at Tino's. To start, for the exception of our cauliflower crust, all other crust options are vegan. Then throughout the menu you will find vegan & vegetarian  options. If you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy feel free to ask a team  member how you can create your own with our finest ingredients.

Who do I contact if I want to be a part of the team Tino's?

Simply get to our website at & click on join our Tino's Team tab & fill out the form provided.

Do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards bring us joy! We do offer gift cards at all locations for any amounts & do not expire. What better way to win a family or friends heart!

Does Tino's recycle?

We recycle whenever possible. We are all about being green & sustainability. Our standards include recycling, composting waste, cleaning with natural agents, & using paper products & supplies from 100% recycled materials. 

Does Tino's make donations for fundraisers?

We are committed to spreading our success with local & national charities. We are always contributing on a quarterly basis to different organizations.

Do you cater events?

Depends on what you consider catering? Unfortunately, we do not have a full kitchen facility due to our simplistic concept. However, we do large pizza orders along with trays of salads, sandwiches, bruschetta’s, etc. Please refer to our catering menu under the catering tab. If this menu suits you let us feed your next business luncheon or kid’s birthday party!

Can we host a party at Tino's?

Absolutely!! We love to party! This varies at all locations due to size of the location along with day & time of the party. Please inquire with a team leader at the specific location you are interested in.

Are your locations kid friendly?

It's all about the kiddos! We have booster seats & high chairs. We also have paper placemats with crayons to keep the little OP fans occupied. The usual favorites are our chicken bites & the kids Tino's margherita (less sauce, more mozz, & no green stuff (the fresh basil!)

Do you use microwaves & fryers?

This is a great question. Anyone that uses microwaves in the restaurant industry should really think about what they are doing within their operation.  We DO NOT use any microwaves or fryers. No one should eat radiated foods. Our 2 heating sources are our terra cotta oven from Italy & a convection oven. We don't believe in fried foods. For example, items like our arancini, mozzarella sticks, etc. are all tossed in olive oil & baked, hence the slight difference in appearance from not using a greasy fryer.

What type of fountain soda do you use?

Our fountain beverages are free of high fructose corn syrups & any artificial colors or flavorings. We are proud to be partnered with Maine Root, offering organic syrups. We understand huge companies like Coca-Cola & Pepsi have the marketing power but please, please, please, try to avoid them.